January 12, 2020

ASEZ WAO in Mongolia Carries Out Environmental Seminar and Street Cleanup in Bayanzurkh

Informing the community about the impact of plastics on the environment, and the effects of recycling

Plastics, which give convenience to everyday life, are a growing threat to the global environment and human health. Hence, ASEZ WAO is launching a “No More GPGP” campaign around the world to mitigate the over-consumption of single-use plastics.

Related activities were also carried out in Mongolia where recycling was not a common practice. On January 12, ASEZ WAO held a “No More GPGP” seminar at the Bayanzurkh One Heart Center. Korean members who traveled to Mongolia, along with Ulaanbaatar members, hosted a seminar for local residents. About eighty people attended the seminar, including employees from the Ulaanbaatar City Hall, Bayanzurkh Ward, and Amgalan Thermal Plant. T. Budjav, a city hall employee who attended the seminar, commended and supported the activities of ASEZ WAO, saying, “Plastic reduction should be done by everyone, not just the government.”

Subsequently, the members conducted cleanups in the Chuluun Ovoo Street of Bayanzurkh. On a clear, cloudless day, eighty members and citizens joined forces and collected 1,100 pieces of plastic. Despite sub-zero temperatures, the members continued their efforts, wearing gloves and hats. A citizen who witnessed this was very surprised, saying, “It is very rare to find young people like these nowadays.” Meanwhile, the ASEZ WAO “No More GPGP” seminar and volunteer activities were also introduced through the Mongolian public TV broadcasting network, UBN News, to raise national awareness of environmental issues.

As a result of the broadcast, the “No More GPGP” seminar was held on the 15th at the Amgalan Thermal Plant for about fifty of its employees. Through the seminar, the members showed the effectiveness of recycling and suggested specific ways to reduce plastic over-consumption.

ASEZ WAO plans to continue its activities to raise environmental awareness until the habit of recycling is established and becomes a part of the Mongolian lifestyle for the reduction of plastics.

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