December 17, 2023

ASEZ WAO Holds Korean Language Course Completion Ceremony at the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Korea

Contribution to the Dissemination of Korean Language and Culture

On December 17, a completion ceremony for the “ASEZ WAO Korean Language Course,” in collaboration with the Uzbekistan Embassy in Seoul, took place. The Korean language course, conducted by ASEZ WAO the World Mission Society Church of God Young Adult Worker Volunteer Group, was part of the “Campaigns FOR US” initiative aimed at assisting embassy staff in adapting to Korea and improving job efficiency. The language course spanned the past seven months, starting in June. Due to time constraints, the educational schedule extended beyond the initially planned duration. However, the testimony is that the embassy staff’s strong determination to learn, coupled with the passionate commitment of ASEZ WAO members to share not only knowledge but also warm affection for Korean culture, led to the successful conclusion of the program.

On the day of the completion ceremony, approximately 40 attendees were present, including trainees such as Deputy Head of Mission Mr. Fazliddin Arziev and Counselor Mr. Rustam Tashmatov of the Uzbekistan Embassy as well as members of ASEZ WAO.

The completion ceremony commenced with greetings from Kim Yong-gab, the Director of ASEZ WAO. Director Kim mentioned cultural exchange as part of ASEZ WAO’s “Campaigns FOR US” activities and expressed, “I’m pleased that this Korean language course could be of some help to the lives of diplomats in Korea.” Mr. Arziev expressed gratitude on behalf of the ambassador, stating in Korean, “On behalf of the ambassador, I convey our thanks. Through sharing various aspects of Korea and Uzbekistan during this time, we’ve become friends.”

The embassy staff, having received certificates of completion from ASEZ WAO, reciprocated the efforts of the members by presenting them with certificates of appreciation. The completion ceremony, marked by a warm atmosphere throughout, included presenting traditional Uzbekistan plates to the teachers who conducted the language course.

There was also a time to showcase the Korean language skills learned during the course. The Counselor and the Second secretary of the embassy each read the letters they had written to their parents in Korean and recited the poem “Mother” by poet Kim Cho-hye. The Second Secretary Mr. Sadikov shared his feelings, saying, “Reading the poem made me miss my mother,” and added, “Thanks to the excellent teachers who taught in an enjoyable way, I studied happily and grew to love the Korean language.”

In the cultural exchange event that followed the completion ceremony, participants experienced traditional Korean games and culture, such as Jegichagi, Tuho, and making Dalgona, prepared by ASEZ WAO. The embassy staff treated ASEZ WAO members to traditional Uzbekistan food, Plov (a festive dish made by roasting various vegetables, meat, and rice together, served with thinly sliced onions, tomatoes, etc.).

Kwon Su-hyeon (Seoul), who was in charge of the class, showed appreciation to the embassy staff for their dedication to the class, saying, “I wondered when we would be able to complete all 20 sessions, but the time spent together was enjoyable and passed quickly.” Mr. Shakhzod Kurbanov, first secretary of the embassy, said, “The Korean language I learned this time will be very helpful not only for diplomatic duties but also for my daily life in Korea.” He added, “I hope to meet ASEZ WAO again through other programs.”

ASEZ WAO plans to continue its extensive activities in 2024, aiming to create a culture where people around the world understand and respect each other’s culture and perspectives.

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