ASEZ WAO Activists

Young adult workers who have completed the ASEZ WAO Academy education and work in their respective fields to make the world a better place.

Of 3.5 billion workers around the world, there are 800 million young adult workers.
We must protect our environment and Earth, starting with our own workplaces.
We must take action in order to change the world.

So ASEZ WAO activists have gathered together.

2022 ASEZ WAO 활동가 정기모임

Planning Team

We plan

Global Volunteer Planner
Collecting information about international volunteer services, planning and managing volunteer items
Global Reporter
Collecting information on international environmental forums and events, and translating volunteer-related materials

Media Team

We make

Content Writer
Writing scrips of seminars, conferences, and videos related to the environment and volunteer services
Content Designer
Creating card news, posters, and various content
Media Editor
Photo and video shooting, editing, YouTube video production

PR Team

We promote

Social Media Marketer
Operating social media, and planning online/offline PR
VIP Connector
Recruiting and managing VIPs to establish partnership