November 20, 2023

ASEZ WAO Wins the Green Apple Environment Awards for the 4th Consecutive Year

The ‘Green Earth’ Project Is Being Recognized and Praised for Its Practicality and High Developmental Potential

ASEZ WAO received the Green Apple Award (Bronze)—International Environment Award from the Green Organization, which is a non-profit, environmental organization through Green Earth Project. ASEZ WAO’s Green Apple Award win marks their fourth, following the Gold Award for the No More GPGP (Reducing Plastic Usage) Project in 2020. This year’s awards ceremony took place on November 20 at the Houses of Parliament in London, United Kingdom.

The Green Earth Project is ASEZ WAO’s urban and forest purification initiative for the conservation of terrestrial ecosystems. Through this project, ASEZ WAO has undertaken cleanup activities in 32 countries, including Republic of Korea, the United States, Peru, Germany, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia, and more, to promote the creation of a healthy terrestrial ecosystem. Since 2017, the ongoing cleanup efforts have involved the participation of over 35,000 people, collecting more than 126,000 metric tons of terrestrial waste as of April 2023. Members of ASEZ WAO from various countries have organized street campaigns and environmental talk concerts, providing opportunities for communication with the public. Through these events, they have aimed to raise awareness about the importance of biodiversity and environmental protection, contributing to an increase in environmental consciousness among citizens.

In addition, ASEZ WAO has exerted positive influence on the international community through a wide range of activities, including projects such as Mother’s Forest, Green Workplace, and No More GPGP (Reducing Plastic). With such active initiatives, support and encouragement are flowing in from local governments as well as various sectors worldwide.

Roger Wolens, the Representative of the Green Organisation, said, “Every year you come with something new, and your efforts seem to be stronger and reaching further every time. It’s a privilege to recognise what you’re doing and reward it with one of our trophies. We may do that for many years to come.” Lucie Olivier, an ASEZ WAO member from London, who attended the awards ceremony, expressed, “As a member, I feel very honoured to be a part of an organisation which helps to contribute positively to the environment, with the mindset of unity as well. As much joy and fulfillment as I derive from ASEZ WAO’s activities, I am determined to exert even more effort for a better future for the global community.”

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