If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together.

One step of ten people is more important than ten steps of one person.

UN in New Windsor, U.S.

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We endeavor to achieve
sustainable development in every country.

New York State Assemblyman
Director of Ceremony and Protocol, Municipality of Lujan, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Deputy Inspector-General of Police in New Delhi, India
Biologist, Head of blood bank service in Douala, Cameroon
City Councilor of Atlanta, U.S.
Judge at Beaverton Municipal Court, Portland, U.S.
Officials from Department of Environment [DENR-NCR], Philippines
Assemblyman in Busan, Korea


We discuss the activities we can work together
with the leaders of each country.

UNESCAP in Bangkok, Thailand
Undersecretary at Department of Environment [DENR-NCR], Philippines
City Council of Glendale, Phoenix, U.S.
Municipality of Okahandja in Windhoek, Namibia


We make each region a better environment through active exchange
with government agencies and international organizations.

City Council in Sunland, LA, U.S.
ECCI in Bogota, Colombia
City Councilor of Maipu, Chile
Police Station in Sunland, LA, U.S.