January 19, 2020

Making Earth Brighter Together with ASEZ WAO

Street cleanups in Durham, North Carolina, and Oakland, California, U.S.

On January 12, approximately sixty ASEZ WAO members from Korea and from local areas cleaned up the trails around Falls Lake in Durham, North Carolina, U.S. People of the community praised the efforts of the members, witnessing the event being carried out with joyful expressions.

On January 19, approximately ninety ASEZ WAO members volunteered to clean up International Boulevard in Oakland, California. With a trash picker in one hand and a broom in the other, they cleaned up the streets that were covered with plastic waste. One member said, “I was startled to see that so much plastic waste was thoughtlessly thrown on the street. It was far more than I thought! I hope that people’s perceptions about using plastics indiscriminately will change now that the street has been changed through this volunteer activity.”

The activity was part of the ASEZ WAO campaign to reduce plastics, entitled “No More GPGP [Great Pacific Garbage Patch].” Sacrificing their vacation time, Korean members flew overseas to participate in the campaign to help the planet, which is suffering from environmental pollution and disasters.

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