January 20, 2020

Citizens and Government Agencies Also Participate in the “No More GPGP” Campaign

Introducing the campaign and conducting a cleanup in Denver, Colorado, U.S.

ASEZ WAO members from Korea took time off to travel to Denver, Colorado, U.S. in order to promote the plastic reduction campaign, “No More GPGP,” with the local members. The purpose of the campaign is to raise citizens’ awareness of the over-consumption of plastics.

On January 10, 2020, the ASEZ WAO members from Korea and local areas visited the Colorado General Assembly. They introduced ASEZ WAO as well as the “No More GPGP” campaign to a state assemblyman and the office staff. Senator Nancy Todd immediately took out her tumbler and sympathetically expressed her support, saying, “These types of activities must be done right away.” Joe Salazar, the director of the local environmental group, Colorado Rising, stated, “I am glad that there are organizations that systematically approach and solve the plastic problem,” and signed the Memorandum of Understanding [MOU] in support of ASEZ WAO activities.

Assemblywoman Lisa A. Cutter who met with the members a week later said, “As a country with strong influence, we need to set an example of reducing plastic consumption, but we are embarrassed to say we have been increasing our consumption instead. Now that I am working with ASEZ WAO, I am very excited and looking forward to making this our goal.” She also proposed that ASEZ WAO join the tree planting event on April 19, Earth Day. Additionally, she said she would like to introduce ASEZ WAO to the Head of the Colorado Department of Environmental Protection and to the heads of environmental protection organizations.

ASEZ WAO members continued to take strides to appeal for the environmental cleanup on the 20th. They promoted the campaign in front of the Colorado General Assembly and Martin Luther King Jr. Park. Following the campaign, they enthusiastically collected plastic wastes as they marched throughout the streets. Citizens were amazed at the fact that there is an island of plastic wastes in the Pacific Ocean that is twenty-five times the size of Texas in the United States. Boulder City personnel sent an email to ASEZ WAO, stating that they would join the “No More GPGP” activity.

As the environmental problems caused by plastics have become increasingly prevalent, various groups—governments, organizations, and citizens—around the world are giving more of their attention to discuss effective and timely solutions. Keeping in step with the world’s initiatives, the ASEZ WAO “No More GPGP” activity will continue in order to draw active and practical participation from around the world.

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