June 8, 2023

ASEZ WAO Global Forum 2023: “One Step Closer to a Green Earth”

“Over 2,300 attendees from 38 countries focus on addressing climate change”

In 2023, ASEZ WAO held a global forum on climate change response with over 2,300 people from all walks of life, including members of the National Assembly, professors, journalists, broadcasters, and businessmen, to take “one step closer to a green earth.”

The forum, held at the New Jerusalem Pangyo Temple of the Church of God in Bundang, Seongnam, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea, centered around the theme, “Let’s take a step for the global environment with workers worldwide.’ The gathering aimed to share knowledge and methods for addressing climate change and to explore solutions.

Prior to the main event, ASEZ WAO activists shared ways to respond to the climate crisis through panel explanations, and also delivered a message to reduce the use of disposable products through the “Make Your Own Handkerchief” side event.

The event was diverse in its composition: the opening ceremony, keynote speeches, expert lectures, performances expressing the international community’s commitment to achieving Sustainable Development Goals [SDGs], and ASEZ WAO environmental song concert.

Representative Jin Sung-jun, a National Assemblyman at the Environmental and Labor Committee delivered a speech expressing gratitude, “What you’re doing is an activity that humanity desperately needs. Thank you for taking the lead in resolving the human crisis called the climate crisis.” Global figures from all walks of life also sent video messages congratulating the opening of this forum, such as Jung Seo-yong the Professor of International Studies Department at Korea University, Kang Soo-hyun the Mayor of Yangju, and José Williams Zapata the President of the Congress of Peru.

The expert lecture session began with a video keynote speech by Albina Ruiz the Minister of Environment of Peru, being followed by environmental lectures by specialists: Jung Dae-yeon the Director of the Asia Climate Change Education Center, Sarkar Biswajit the industrial engineering professor at Yonsei University, Zahid Hussain the Pakistani broadcaster, and Esaú Caro Meza the President of Continental University of Peru. ASEZ WAO members too gave presentations on the environment during this session.

ASEZ WAO members from the United States, Germany, and the Philippine introduced ASEZ WAO’s five major projects: Green Workplace (Promoting Eco-Friendly Activities in the Workplace), No More GPGP (Reducing Plastic Usage), Mother’s Forest (Planting One Tree per Person), Green Earth (Protecting Terrestrial Ecosystems), and Blue Ocean (Preserving Marine Ecosystems).

The steps that ASEZ WAO members are taking worldwide become a massive wave changing the environment of the Earth. ASEZ WAO members resolved to raise their voices in solidarity with the world to bring about tangible changes to the Earth and address environmental issues.’

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