May 17, 2023

The Minister of Environment of Peru Pays Close Attention to ASEZ WAO

ASEZ WAO’s Meeting with the Minister of Environment of Peru

H.E. Ms. Albina Ruiz Rios, the Minister of Environment of Peru, who visited Korea to attend “2023 Korea-LAC Future Cooperation Forum,” had a special time with ASEZ WAO, Young Adult Worker Volunteer Group of the Church of God World Mission Society. She attended the meeting hosted by ASEZ WAO on May 17.

ASEZ WAO’s relationship with Minister Ruiz dates back to April. Korean ASEZ WAO members, who visited Peru as members of Overseas Culture Experience Group, met with Ruiz, the Minister of Environment, while conducting cleanups, hosted by the Ministry of Environment, with the local ASEZ WAO members. Minister Ruiz showed great interest in ASEZ WAO’s positive global activities. She gave a lecture at ASEZ WAO’s Environmental Forum held at the Church of God in Faucett, Peru, and promised to meet ASEZ WAO members on her visit to Korea. Prior to her visit, she contacted ASEZ WAO and the members welcomed her at Incheon International Airport in Korea on May 15. Ms. Ruiz, on her visit to Korea, met with ASEZ WAO at New Jerusalem Temple in Pangyo on the 17th.

About 500 ASEZ WAO members in Korea attended “ASEZ WAO’s Meeting with the Minister of Environment of Peru” held at the seminar room of the New Jerusalem Pangyo Temple on the 17th. General Pastor Kim Joo-cheol welcomed Minister Ruiz, and expressed gratitude to her and her company. General Pastor Kim Joo-cheol began the meeting with a hopeful message, “If we take action together, we can surely combat climate change,” and Minister Ruiz discussed the direction for responding to climate change while communicating with ASEZ WAO members under the theme of “One Step Closer to a Green Earth.”

ASEZ WAO activists gave a presentation on ASEZ WAO activities, such as Green Workplace Project, for protecting the green Earth. Minister Ruiz shared her experiences and knowledge of environmental protection efforts, and emphasized that it was important that young adults, the leaders of future generations, had to take action to combat climate change. She resonated with the message, “Let us save the earth from the beginning to the end as one family,” and she expressed her willingness to generously support ASEZ WAO’s various environmental activities.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Environment of Peru and the Church of God signed an MOU and promised continuous and active exchanges and cooperation for environmental protection. Minister Ruiz expressed her anticipation for doing activities with ASEZ WAO, and encouraged the ASEZ WAO members, saying, “The most important thing is that young adults should first become environmental activists themselves, awaken people, and take action in detail.” Jang Su-yeon, an ASEZ WAO member, (from Seoul), said, “I’m impressed that Minister Ruiz has been taking the lead in solving environmental problems since her young adulthood. I also want to have a good influence on the people around me by participating in ASEZ WAO’s environmental activities.”

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