July 11, 2019

The Second Half of 2018 ASEZ WAO Volunteer Work

There are many places in global village that need help in hand. Though many people realize the importance of volunteer work, in reality, there are still insufficient participants. So the ASEZ WAO World Mission Society Church of God Young Adult Worker Volunteer Group united and put their hands together to help.

In October 7, 2018, the ASEZ WAO periodical volunteer work was conducted during the members’ days off and a total of 5,476 people from 11 countries and 47 regions in U.S., New Zealand, Greece and Nepal participated.

For the urgent places that needed help, the young adults rolled up their sleeves and rushed to the scene. They went to the farming areas that were short-handed and helped to harvest sweet potatoes, persimmons, mints, planted seedlings for garlic, planted chives, picked apple leaves, uprooted pepper stems and assisted with various works to relieve the farm household’s anxieties.

The volunteers even went to clean up the interior and exterior of a house in which a senior with mobility difficulties was living alone and gave a gift of a pleasant environment to the seniors by cleaning up the senior citizen center.

They painted murals on the walls in alleys concerned for crimes, picked up trashes, removed illegal posters on walls and put efforts for the cleanliness of the sites.

Jung Okbun(age 75, from Ganghwado) was anxious because there was a short-hand for harvesting sweet potatoes and she said, “I wouldn’t have possibly finished alone even if I harvested for days. Thank you so much for coming on your days off which you actually needed to rest” and patted on the young adults’ backs.

The ASEZ WAO is consisted of the Church of God young adult workers and it carries out volunteer activities usually during days off. The ASEZ WAO’s motive of doing something meaningful even giving up the days off is like mother’s love for caring her children. With mother’s love, ASEZ WAO is taking care of our neighbor and society and is actively taking part to protect the environment with distinct passion and momentum in many ways.

Especially putting efforts on promoting and implementing the SDGs(Sustainable Development Goals) chosen by the UN and considering the characteristics of the workers working in various fields, it is planning to proceed for wide and long-term volunteer works.

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