January 19, 2020

ASEZ WAO in South Africa Taps on Cape Town

Ward councilor also sends support . . . and hopes that it will be the first step in creating a clean city

The Republic of South Africa is one of the countries with high plastic consumption. In fact, a video entitled “Rivers of Trash” was recently publicized, displaying countless waves of plastic bottles and garbage washing up on its shores. The alarming footage was of the Rep. of South Africa, and it became a viral sensation within the environmental community.

In order to combat the issue, ASEZ WAO members carried out an environmental cleanup on January 19 in the Bellville Central Taxi Station area which is infamous for its dense garbage buildup in Cape Town, South Africa. Despite a rainstorm on that day, 120 members of ASEZ WAO successfully collected 2,900 kg [6,400 lb] of waste.

Ward Councilor Jacoline Visser Bloemfontein provided garbage bags, gloves, and collection vehicles for the cleanup. She cheered and applauded the members, saying, “The activity of ASEZ WAO is magnificent and exciting. It’s a great and excellent idea. They will encourage people to reduce plastic use and help us protect the environment. This cleanup will be beneficial for the future of the planet.”

Korean members who participated in the cleanup expressed in unison, “It was a fun event and it was more productive since we did it together.” A local member said, “Garbage quickly accumulates at this taxi station, but if we continue to ‘TAP [Take Action Project],’ we will raise awareness and change the world.” “TAP [Take Action Project]” is an ASEZ WAO project with the message to “TAP” people’s consciousness to “Take Action” together.

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