November 6, 2022

ASEZ WAO Carries Out Mother’s Forest Project in La Molina, Lima, Peru

Planting 60 Trees in El Faro Street

On November 6, 2022, 93 ASEZ WAO members planted 60 trees along El Faro Street in La Molina, Lima, Peru, as part of the Mother’s Forest Project. ASEZ WAO endeavors to create green great walls which will help prevent the spread of desertification, by encouraging everyone to plant a tree per person with the heart of a mother who takes good care of her home. ASEZ WAO members in La Molina designated El Faro Street as an area for the Mother’s Forest, and promised to continue to take care of the street.

The Municipality of San Luis, which had positively evaluated various activities conducted in the past five years with ASEZ WAO, provided 60 trees and helped ASEZ WAO safely volunteer by deploying safety guards, making a request to the young adults to take the lead in creating healthy streets. Furthermore, the Municipality provided the members with paints and brushes, accepting the ASEZ WAO’s suggestion to paint murals around the street.

ASEZ WAO members gathered by twos and threes and planted the young trees. After that, they painted green pasture, flowers, and Earth on the walls nearby the street, hoping that Earth would be restored to its natural green environment. The volunteers finished their activity of the day by collecting 10 kg [22 lbs.] of trash along 1 km [0.6 mi] of Mother’s Forest.

In this age when desertification is being accelerated due to environmental pollution, ASEZ WAO is making every effort to green the earth by building up global solidarity and actively carrying out their projects such as Mother’s Forest, No More GPGP, and Green Workplace.

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