January 20, 2020

For a Clean India and a Clean Earth Without Environmental Problems

ASEZ WAO in India carried out environmental seminar and street cleanups

“Unseasonable freeze! Rivers in India bubbling with toxic foam.” “The world’s worst air quality.” “One of the world’s top plastic waste generators.” These phrases alone provide a glimpse of the seriousness of environmental pollution in India. In January 2020, ASEZ WAO, which aims for a clean environment free of plastic waste, committed to help India solve their environmental problems. Eighteen ASEZ WAO members from Korea conducted an environmental cleanup in India.

Initially, they planned a large-scale plastic collection in front of LNJP Hospital in New Delhi on January 15. On the day of the activity, about two hundred people, including ASEZ WAO members from Korea and local areas, New Delhi citizens, and LNJP hospital staff collected 120 kg [260 lb] of waste within two hours. Admiring the enthusiasm of the members, Mayor of North Delhi, Avtar Singh, and New Delhi Commissioner of Police, Rohit Meena, each presented a certificate of appreciation to ASEZ WAO during their visit to the event. Furthermore, on the 21st, Mayor Singh invited members to his office and expressed his willingness to actively support ASEZ WAO activities. He also revealed his hopes to visit Korea with the Minister of Environment.

The ASEZ WAO plastics reduction campaign continued throughout India. On the 19th, about 140 people collected 200 kg [440 lb] of waste at Marine Drive in Telibandha, Raipur, and about eighty people collected one ton [2,000 lb] of waste at the Westend Mall in Aundh, Pune. For this accomplishment, the Pune City Hall presented a certificate of appreciation to ASEZ WAO.

On the 20th, around 150 members and citizens worked together to clean up the environment, picking up 400 kg [880 lb] of waste, including plastics near the Sealdah Railway Station in Kolkata. On the same day, a “No More GPGP” seminar was held at the Church of God in New Delhi, India. Approximately 125 people, which consisted of citizens as well as members from Korea and the local areas, attended the seminar. Through the seminar, members informed the attendees of the severity of the plastic issue and climate change.

The citizens who listened to the presentation about the ASEZ WAO campaign held in various places expressed that they would not only be more conscious of the plastic waste issue, but that they also wish to join the ASEZ WAO volunteer activities. The global environmental issues cannot be resolved alone. However, since there is a group called ASEZ WAO that thinks together, acts together, and actively seeks to resolve issues, we can see great opportunities through the steps they are taking.

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