January 17, 2020

ASEZ WAO in Thailand Held a Meeting in Bangkok

Discussion on the specific plans to reduce plastics

Thailand has recently grown eager to reduce plastic waste. The country implemented the “Plastic Waste Management Roadmap” campaign, which aims for using exclusively recycled plastics by 2030. They began the initiative on January 1, 2020, by banning the use of disposable plastic bags. Enthusiastic ASEZ WAO members from Korea went to Thailand to participate in the movement.

On January 10, eight ASEZ WAO members held a meeting with the vice-mayor and environmental managers at the Bangkok Wang Thonglang Ward Office. The ASEZ WAO members introduced feasible goals with specific activities to reduce single-use plastics. During the meeting, they requested support to reduce the use of these disposable plastics.

After hearing about ASEZ WAO’s past activities, Vice-Mayor Sirilak Liraasiri was inspired to sign a Memorandum of Understanding [MOU]. On January 17, the ward office invited ASEZ WAO to the “Reduce Single-Use Plastics” event in order to sign an MOU. Through the event, members informed citizens of the seriousness of single-use plastics.

Subsequently, members attended the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific [UN ESCAP]) conference in Bangkok. UN ESCAP officials who attended the conference said, “We were very impressed that these young people took time off from work to carry out these volunteer activities with a mother’s heart. We look forward to hearing about their activities.” “I hope ASEZ WAO can attend the UN ESCAP environmental event in March,” said Flavia Reale, Director of Environmental Management. She expressed her intention to continually collaborate with ASEZ WAO.

Every year, thirteen million tons of plastics flow into the sea. The ASEZ WAO members in Thailand and around the world endeavor to provide long-term services until the plastic waste problem that threatens the well-being of humanity is resolved.

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