July 11, 2019

Summer of 2018 ASEZ WAO Overseas Volunteer Work

In the 1980s, New York continuously had serious crimes and could remove their stigma of criminopolis with the anti-graffiti project. After proceeding the project, as the rampant graffiti on subways and alleys decreased, the crime rate also gradually started to decrease which eventually dropped to 75% in the 1990s. As trivial action continued, it brought a great result which we could have never imagined.

The members of ASEZ WAO World Mission Society Church of God Young Adult Worker Volunteer Group used their vacation to go abroad carrying out various volunteer works which are making a positive difference. Just like a mother’s heart of carefully taking care of each child, the group went to 19 countries and 30 cities and executed extensive activities.

More than a thousand local members participated in the activities and the citizens showed enthusiastic responses. More to this, they have connected with public institutions in U.S., New Zealand, Peru, Taiwan, Philippines, Mongolia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, etc. to proceed customized volunteer works such as removing advertisements, painting murals, planting trees, removing weed, cleaning parks and painting elementary school’s gym. The group then received a media spotlight and various kinds of awards from public institutions.

Giving up their precious vacation, the young adults who shed beads of sweat said that they have actually spent a proper vacation. Seulbi Lee (web designer, from Seoul) who had been to San Diego in the U.S. proudly said, “Though the sun was hot I was happy to see the local people with gratitude. I’ve felt a worthwhile sense of accomplishment with the volunteer works which we can never put a price. I’m glad that I could spend my summer vacation wisely.”

ASEZ WAO members have spent their hot summer with heated passion than ever and they will continuously talk and take actions to improve the problems that our home; Earth, is facing.

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