ASEZ WAO TAP Support Signature
for Achieving the SDGs

Pledge of the international community for sustainable development

Sustainable Development Goals [SDGs] are a global pledge that the international community has to keep together for sustainable development. The implementation period of SDGs is between 2016 and 2030, and youths of the current generation play a vital role in the world's economy during that period.

Take Action Project by ASEZ WAO for achieving the SDGs
Take Action Project [TAP] is a project where we tap peopleʼs awareness and take action together for sustainable development of mankind and the earth. ASEZ WAO aims to contribute to achieving the SDGs by 2030 through the following steps.
STEP 1. Talk
When we talk with each other, we become likeminded. And when we become likeminded, a great work is done. We talk of what we see, hear, and know, with our voices for the balanced development of humans and the earth.
Awareness Raising: Campaign, Seminar, Forum
STEP 2. Act
Acting is more important than realizing. Our actions will make sustainable development of all mankind and the Earth to come true, and support our voices.
Take Action for Us (Action 1–4): education, welfare, emergency relief, cultural exchange
Take Action for Earth (Action 5–8): climate change response, reducing plastic, preservation of terrestrial ecosystem and marine ecosystem
STEP 3. Partnership
We are the cause of the problems we encounter, and we are also the solution. “One step of ten people is more important than ten steps of one person.”
Partnership: Support Signature Campaign, Meetings, Memorandums of Understanding [MOUs]
Goal: Sustainable development goals
By making efforts to accomplish the SDGs, the World Mission Society Church of God Young Adult Worker Group [ASEZ WAO] aims to contribute to making a happy world, “leaving no one behind.”


I agree to the Take Action Project by ASEZ WAO for achieving the SDGs.