Let’s Take Action with
Mother’s Love

ASEZ stands for “Save the Earth from A to Z,”
which means “Save the world from the beginning to the end.”
WAO stands for “We Are One Family.”
Put together, ASEZ WAO means “Let us save the earth
from the beginning to the end as one family.”

Save the Earth
from A to Z
We Are
One Family

Let us save the earth
from the beginning to the end
as one family.

ASEZ WAO Introduction Book

ASEZ WAO Introduction Book
Introduction Book

We heartily conduct volunteer services with the heart of Mother.

ASEZ WAO isan international volunteer service group that consists of the Church of God young adult workers from 7,500 churches in 175 countries. We plan to contribute to making improvements for mankind and the earth by taking care of our neighbors and communities with young adults’ passion and positive energy and participating in environmental protection activities.


We take action to bring forth positive changes.

  • 1

    ASEZ WAO puts into practice giving love to all mankind,
    as God says, “Love your neighbors as yourself.”

  • 2

    ASEZ WAO keeps carrying out heartfelt volunteer services to resolve many problems our global villagers are facing, with the concept, “All humans are one.”

  • 3

    ASEZ WAO practices love for humankind and the earth with the heart of a mother, who is the source of life and love, so that everyone can be happy without being left alone.


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