August 7, 2019

Kevin Thomas, NY State Senator, U.S.


Whereas, a great state is only as great as those individuals
who perform exemplary service on behalf of their community, whether
through unique achievement in professional or other endeavors,
or simply through a lifetime of good citizenship; and

Whereas, it is the privilege of this legislative body to honor
ASEZ WAO for exemplary service to the community and State for
that agency upon the Reduce Plastic Use seminar; and

Whereas, it is the belief of this legislative body that
when individuals of such noble aims and accomplishments are
brought to our attention, it is appropriate to publicly
proclaim and commend those individuals for the edification
and emulation of others; and

Whereas, such service, which is truly the lifeblood of the
community and the State, so often goes unrecognized and
unheralded.Now therefore, be it

Resolved, therefore I, State Senator Kevin Thomas, recogniz e
that ASEZ WAO is worthy of our highest respect and esteem;
and be it further

Resolved, that a copy of this citation be transmitted to
ASEZ WAO during today’s event.

2019-08-07 Kevin Thomas, NY State Senator, U.S.