January 20, 2020

ASEZ WAO Lights Up the Streets of Cambodia

Local governments welcome community cleanups

In January 2020, ASEZ WAO launched the “No More GPGP” campaign in Kratie and Siem Reap, Cambodia. Local government officials welcomed the cleanup, which revitalized the community.

On January 19, about sixty ASEZ WAO members, consisting of both members visiting from Korea and local members from Cambodia, gathered on Orussey Street in Kratie to carry out the cleanup. They covered nearly a mile leading up to Orussey Ward, collecting plastic waste along the way. Citizens were fascinated by the volunteers who worked with beads of sweat running down. One merchant happily donated forty bottles of water, while students passing by also joined the effort for about an hour.

The Mayor of Kratie, Sek Bunheng, deployed police to ensure traffic safety for the volunteers. He also visited the site to support ASEZ WAO, even though it was a holiday. Mayor Bunheng said, “I’m incredibly grateful to ASEZ WAO for their plastic collection. This activity makes Kratie clean and flourishing. I want to be involved with the next environmental cleanup activity as well.”

On January 20, about fifty ASEZ WAO members carried out a cleanup along the stream at Siem Reap Park. Even though the temperature was over 35℃ [95°F], participants cheerfully collected about 600 kg [1,320 lbs] of plastic waste in hopes of saving the planet. Siem Reap Environmental Officials complimented the ASEZ WAO activities and signed to support it.

Even now, ASEZ WAO keeps working diligently for humanity and the planet. ASEZ WAO young adults, the next generation’s protagonists, hope to illuminate mankind’s future by making these small efforts.

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