With a handkerchief at work

February 1, 2023
South Korea Gyeongnam

As an ASEZ WAO member, I participated in the ‘Challenge of using a handkerchief’ and then have been trying to use a handkerchief. Now, it has been several months since I left the handkerchief at work and continued to use it. All the colleagues who saw the use of the handkerchief praised and paid attention. To be honest, there are some inconveniences with the handkerchief. I had to wash and dry constantly, and even sometimes I used paper towels when I was unconscious. However, it is not too difficult considering that I, who cannot plant even one tree in a year, can produce the same effect as planting two trees in a year with just by using the handkerchief. And that thought makes me use a handkerchief more. Saving the earth. Planting trees. In this little place where I am, I can do it with some inconvenience. So I will diligently use a handkerchief today too! Cheer-up Everyone!