When the bees disappear

April 28, 2023
Suwon South Korea

Recently, I heard about the mass death of honey bees in the news. What will happen to us if bees disappear?

Bees help fertilize most plants. 71% of the world’s top 100 crops depend on bees. If the bees disappear, the production of agricultural products will decrease.

Pollination of cotton becomes difficult, making it impossible to produce cotton. If cotton cannot be produced, clothing production will be difficult. If that happens, the apparel industry will be hit hard.

When the bees disappear, the plants shrink, The human body needs a variety of vitamins and nutrients, but plants are already lacking, so they cannot properly prepare the necessary nutrients.

I’ve only mentioned a few, but many more will happen. The disappearance of the little bees will return intact to our humanity as a disaster. There seems to be an urgent need for way to protect bees!