What I do at work for the environment

April 7, 2023
Republic of Korea Anyang

I work in a laboratory due to the characteristics of my job. What I feel most at work is that the laboratory is where the most frequent use of disposable products happens. (perhaps among all workplaces..) So I’d like to share what I’m practicing to reduce the use of disposable products in the lab.

1. Using glass beakers instead of paper cups

I often have to use paper cups for portioning and comparing samples. Of course, it is convenient to use paper cups, but I use glass beakers for the environment. And it’s much better to discern their differences!

2. Instead of plastic spoon, using steel spoons

Since I belong to the field of food, many spoons are used when I measure food materials and conduct sensory evaluations. Plastic spoons were thrown away after one test, which is too wasteful. So I’m trying to make a habit of using steel spoons. These can be reused over and over again:)

3. Only one dropper per sample

Disposable droppers are the most popular ones in the lab cause they’re sometimes necessarily used for accurate measurements. But, to reduce the use as much as possible, I’m trying to use only one dropper per sample, named them to set it up for multiple utilizations.

ASEZ WAO members, how about your workplace? Most of you might be general office workers, but I think some members have a unique working environment like me. I’m also curious about stories from other members’ actions in their work environments:)

Let’s take action with mothers love!