Welcome to the Era of ‘Global Boiling’

August 8, 2023
Republic of Korea Anyang

The whole planet finally grasp the severity of abnormal temperatures. According to UN secretary general, we’re in a phase of global ‘boiling’, not global warming. Scientists and climatologists have firmly warned that this is just the beginning.

#1 A Winter of 38 Degrees The southern hemisphere is experiencing abnormal high temperatures. The southern hemisphere is in the middle of winter. Nevertheless, the weather continues to be over 30 degrees in South America region, such as Argentina, Chile, and Paraguay. In addition to the climate crisis, the El Nino phenomenon, in which seawater temperatures rise, has intensified. If the heat continues, there are concerns that ice in the polar regions or snow in the mountains may melt.

#2 Cactuses’ death of dryness A large cactus in Arizona, the U.S., which shows strong adaptability in dry environments, eventually died because of heat. Cactus is mainly active at night when the temperature drops. However, as the heat wave that lasts at night eventually dried them up and died.

Likewise, abnormal weather conditions are getting worse not only in these regions but also around the world. Before it is too late, we have to take action to prevent climate change.