The crooked earth

July 5, 2023
South Korea Daegu
Asez Wao Angel

The crooked earth (Concerns about climate change due to changes in the Earth’s rotation axis)

Changes in the axis of rotation have a huge impact on the climate. From 1993 to 2010, there was a rapid rotation axis movement of about 80cm.

Scientists discovered that a point that was geographically considered the North Pole before the 2000s tilted toward Canada. According to a paper published recently by Seoul National University, rising sea levels due to excessive underground water development is the main reason.

The total amount of water on Earth does not change. As humans artificially develop, use, and flow underground water, sea levels rise. In this way, when the distribution of the Earth’s mass changes, the Earth’s rotation axis moves.

In addition, there are fears about damage to housing and infrastructure due to ground subsidence, as groundwater is drawn and empty spaces are not filled.

The earth’s rotation axis is problematic due to the groundwater used indiscriminately by humans.