Safety tips on the road during the heavy rainy season

July 19, 2023
South Korea Suwon

In July, the rainy season began in South Korea. I heard many sad news that even lost their lives due to flooding. Also, many areas are damaged due to heavy rain.

Today, let’s find out the safety tips we must know at this time, especially on the road.

1. Never approach when found in a flooded road.

2. If you are driving on a flooded road, open the windows and sunroof in advance.

3. If flooding has already started and the window cannot be opened due to flooding, break the window with a hard object to escape.

4. However, if you can’t open the windows, wait until the water fills up inside the vehicle because you can easily open the door when the water level difference between inside and outside is less than 30cm.

5. After escaping, climb onto the roof of the vehicle or a high place to call 119 for help.

6. If the vehicle is isolated in the rapids, open the door on the opposite side of the vehicle facing the rapids and get out.

Be safe, always!