Rising Trend in food industry: Up-cycling Food

April 20, 2023
Republic of Korea Anyang

Up-cycling food with by-products was launched following the eco-friendly trend in the food industry.

Up-cycling, a combination of upgrading and recycling, refers to creating new values for resources with low product value and recreating them as new products. Recently, it has been shown that using disposed food ingredients, such as ugly agricultural products or broken and unusable food, is gradually growing in scale.

For example, Granola made with wheat bran and Crispy Chips made from broken rice and bean curd have lately been introduced. And these materials are all meant to be discarded in other food factories. People may look at this production suspiciously, but contrary to their thoughts, it has high dietary fiber and vitamin content.

Prediction indicates that the related market will grow according to the Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corporation (aT) Food Industry Statistics Information System (FIS).The more consumers perceive the value of environmental protection, the bigger the growth of the up-cycling food industry is.

As one of the sustainable food techs, it is emerging as an alternative to respond to environmental pollution and climate change and overcome the global food crisis by increasing food resources.

So, why don’t you pay attention to up-cycling food?