Reducing Environmental Impacts in Organizations

April 18, 2023
대한민국 서울

I found an article about Environmental Management Systems (EMS) in the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s website ( and I thought it would be useful to share with you all!

There are 4 steps to developing an EMS at your company: 1) Plan, 2) Do, 3) Check, and 4) Act. I think it’s similar to our ASEZ WAO’s roadmap, which is 1) Talk, 2) Act, 3) Partnership, and 4) Change!

So, here’s how I summarized to develop EMS. 🙂 1. Find what kind of environmental impact your company has and a method of how to reduce it. 2. Establish goals and implement and schedule with coworkers of above methods you found. 3. Check routinely of how the implementations are progressing. 4. Review and make changes if necessary.

For example, in my case, we don’t turn off lights after work. Unfortunately, I can’t turn off lights after work in the office where I belong because the lighting system is connected to other offices, which is different from our company, in the same floor. One time, I turned off all the lights in my office but people came out and told me their lights were also turned off… haha But! Our another office on another floor uses independent lighting system, but the workers in that office don’t turn off the lights. So! I’ll be able to reduce this use of electricity by turning off lights after work in this another office, everyday if possible. 🙂 The problem is, I wish I knew how to measure the amount of electricity that is saved by turning off lights at our work…. hmm. I’ll let everyone know when I find out how.