Polyester – popular, but environmentally problematic fabric

August 8, 2023
Korea Seoul

Did you know, that polyester is the second most used textile in the world? It’s long-lasting, lightweight, moisture resistant, quick drying and easy to clean. But! Because it’s a synthetic material derived from petroleum, its production is energy-intensive and can contribute to environmental pollution. If we don’t recycle them, it ends up in a landfill where it doesn’t degrade (takes up to about 200 years or more). If thrown into the ocean, it can break down into smaller micro plastic particles and you can guess the outcomes. It’s crucial to recycle polyester clothings! While recycling is beneficial, remember the waste hierarchy: it’s often better to reduce and reuse before recycling. Let’s try our best to buy fewer and higher-quality items that last longer and wear them looonger until they reach the end of their life..;)

We can do this! Cheers-