Let’s protect Coastline!

March 30, 2023
대한민국 대구
아리랑 지구지켜!

There is Jeju , a beautiful island in Korea. Many people go to Jeju Island to see the beautiful scenery. Yongmeori Coastline is one of the sight of Jeju Island. But did you know that there is a serious problem on the Yongmeori Coastline these days?

It’s because of climate change. In recent years, serious climate change has also had a great impact on the sea. Due to climate change, sea levels are rising rapidly as glaciers in the Arctic and Antarctic and ice caps in the alpine regions melt. The sea level of Korea’s coast has also recently risen by 4.3mm every year, and as a result, the Yongmeori Coastline road in Jeju has been flooded.

If climate change becomes more serious, we will lose nature. Let’s work to protect the beautiful nature!