How to Use the Air Conditioner Wisely

June 21, 2023
대한민국 대구광역시
Asez Wao environmentalist

When we use the air conditioner, Freon gas and carbon dioxide are released from it. Freon gas from air conditioner destroys the ozone layer, and carbon dioxide is emitted due to the use of electrical energy. So air conditioner use accelerates global warming.

It is impossible not to use the air conditioner at all in a situation where the heat is getting worse. Then let’s use it more wisely considering the environment.

1. Strengthen the wind strength at first to reach the desired temperature quickly This is able to reduce power consumption.

2. Maintain the appropriate temperature from 25 to 28 degrees The lower the desired temperature, the more electricity it consumes. We can save energy of 4.7% even if it increases by 1 degree.

3. Use with fan Operating the air conditioner and the fan together causes faster circulation of cool air, results in greater cooling effects This also helps to reduce the time to reach the desired temperature.

4. Clean the air conditioner filter Using the air conditioner cleanly increases the cooling efficiency. Removing dust and pollutants from the air conditioner filter can increase the cooling effect by about 60%, and save energy by 5%.