How to practice ‘Zero Waste’

August 1, 2023
South Korea Suwon

Our apartment residents discharge garbage on every Tuesday. When I face the large amount of garbage, I feel like I would have to do something to reduce them. So, I looked up for ‘Zero Waste’ and here are some suggestions we could practice in daily lives.


1. Reduce online shopping

Get in the habit of buying things that you can buy in offline stores. You can reduce garbage such as courier boxes, Styrofoam, and ice packs caused by online shopping.

2. Use your personal tumbler

It will be helpful to reduce the work of buying bottled water and throwing away garbage. Let’s try to participate in using the personal cup challenge currently in progress at asez wao!

3. Use Natural Soap

Not only is it good for my skin, but it pollutes less water and does not need the plastic containers.