Finding Honey Bees

May 20, 2023
Republic of Korea Anyang

May 20th, do you know what day it is? It is “World Honeybee Day.”

“World Honeybee Day” originated from the birthday of “Anton Jansa,” a representative of modern beekeeping and set in May, when bees breed and are most active.

Many people think honeybees only collect sweet honey, but they are more involved in our human food than we could imagine. It is said that more than 90% of the crops that humans eat are produced by the moisture of honeybees refer to UN Environmental Plan Report.

However, honeybees that play such an important role are disappearing all over the world. As the environment gradually worsens, such as climate change and fine dust, worker bees are unable to return to their hives, and the number of honeybees is gradually decreasing.

Before Einstein’s words, “If honeybees disappear, humans will be destroyed within four years.”, become reality, let’s work hard to protect the environment for small but precious honeybees!