Environment Days in May

April 6, 2023
South Korea Suwon

Did you know that there are two environmental anniversaries in May? Let me tell you about it.

1. International Day for Biodiversity Conservation (May 22): Biodiversity includes all living things and species that make up an ecosystem. An ecosystem is closely related to our lives because it provides us with the environment to live on and the food we eat. Therefore, it was enacted by the UN to remind the importance of biodiversity.

2. Sea Day (May 31): It was established to promote the importance of the sea, and medals are awarded to those who have made achievements in the maritime industry. In our country, it is celebrated on May 31st, but it is celebrated on other dates abroad. South Korea’s Sea Day is originated from the installation of Cheonghaejin in Wando by Jang Bo-go during the Unified Silla Period to defeat pirates.

In May, remember ‘biodiversity’ and ‘sea’. Wouldn’t it be possible for many small thoughts to come together and lead to a big movement to protect the environment?