Do you the colors of carbons?

June 22, 2023
South Korea Suwon

Carbon is a fundamental component of our lives. There are three types of carbon that exist in nature.

1. Green Carbon Carbon absorbed and stored by terrestrial ecosystems. Green carbon absorbs carbon dioxide from fossil fuels. At the same time, it releases oxygen for the living creatures. For example, there are rainforests of the Amazon. The reainforests of the Amazon produce 20% ​​of Earth’s oxygen. But it is endangered by development and deforestation thesedays.

2. Blue Carbon Carbon absorbed and stored by marine ecosystems. The rate of carbon absorption is more than 50 times faster than green carbon, and it is also easy to store. For examples, there are mangrove forests and salt marshes.

3. Black Carbon It refers to the carbon emitted, not the carbon absorbed like green carbon and blue carbon. It occurs when fossil fuels are incompletely burned when used as automobile fuel. The Black carbon affects global warming and climate change.

We need efforts to increase green carbon and blue carbon, which have a positive impact on the earth.