Do you know what ‘Beachcombing’ is?!

February 10, 2023
South Korea Gyeongnam

‘Beachcombing’ is a compound word of ‘Beach’ and ‘Combing’, which means picking up and collecting garbage and flotsam, such as shells and glass fragments, as if combing the beach.

They also add fun to the environmental protection movement by making recycled artworks or accessories using the garbage and items they have picked up.

It is very similar to the ‘Flogging’ that many people know and practice! The difference is that Beachcombing is performed on the beach.

In fact, ASEZ WAO has been doing Beachcombing since before! Among the Campaigns for Earth, the ‘Blue Ocean’ corresponds to Beachcombing. The Blue Ocean is cleaning not only the beach but also the streams and rivers, so it belongs to a larger category.

When you go to the beach, you can easily find a lot more trash than you think, such as plastic, disposable products, and glass fragments.

Save the beach by Beachcombing! by Blue Ocean!

Why don’t we all join in protecting the sea?