Clothes Repair

August 3, 2023
대한민국 대구

The French government has decided to introduce a “repair bonus” system to promote the recycling of clothing waste. Hundreds of thousands of tons of clothes and shoes are thrown away every year in France, which is well known for its fashion.

The system offers a discount of 6 euros to 25 euros (about 8,500 won to 35,000 won) depending on the item for each repair. To this end, the French government will invest about 154 million euros (about 218.7 billion won) for five years from this year to 2028.

The French government expects the repair bonus system to help protect the environment and create jobs. First of all, the first goal is to protect the environment by reducing clothing waste, and it is hoped that it will lead to job creation for retailers such as repair companies and shoe companies.

I hope that this system which eradicates fast-fashion is introduced to many countries for environment.