Clean Earth! Green Earth!

January 25, 2023
Gimhae South Korea

One Sunday morning. It was the morning of the most precious holiday for workers. I met ASEZ WAO members for the “Green Earth” activity. It was colder than usual that morning. Even so, the smiling faces of the members and the way they greeted each other made me feel warmer than anything else. About 50 people gathered and started cleaning our streets with tongs in one hand and garbage bag in the other. There were various types of garbage on the streets, and among them disposable coffee cups and cigarette butts accounted for a significant portion. With the start of COVID-19, there was an atmosphere of reluctance to eat at the store, and I heard that a lot of disposable containers were being used, but I felt that fact while picking up the trash. As I walked the streets and picked up trash, sweat started to form on my forehead despite the cold weather. Looking at the clean streets after finishing the cleaning the streets, the precious holiday morning given to me felt more meaningful than any other holiday. I think the other members who laughed brightly while looking at the streets together must have the same thought.

People live by taking care of themselves and taking care of the house in which they live. I think I’ve been busy taking care of myself. From now on, I will make an effort to take care of my home, the earth.

Just like the word “Green Earth”, I hope that all people around the world will join us in making the earth green again.