Be a Hero by using my own tumbler!

February 1, 2023
South Korea Seoul
Laura Y

Today, I would like to talk about using my own tumbler.

Before joining ASEZ WAO, I didn’t know how much is it important to take a step one by one to protect this planet.

And honestly, it took time for me to realize the importance of my action even after joining ASEZ WAO.

Which means, I used Plastic Cup in the morning and in the afternoon, when I work in my office.

But after joining ASEZ WAO and studying about the environment and this planet, I realized that my action for this planet is important and am trying to use my tumbler in my every day.

According to an article, if I use my tumbler in a day, it helps to reduce 2000t of carbon dioxide.

Yes, it takes time to get use to it but after I read this article, I feel good when I bring my tumbler to my office!

It feels like I became a hero for this planet. : D

You can be a hero by using your tumbler!

Don’t you want to join with me? : D