ASEZ WAO Challenge of Using One Side Printed Waste Paper

January 16, 2023
Busan, South Korea

My friend in ASEZ WAO informed me about this matter. I was automatically intrigued with this subject because it’s about protecting the environment and ways of helping take care of the earth.

I feel very privileged to be participate in this challenge. I wish my workplace uses one side printed waste paper. I didn’t realize how bad A4 paper is for the environment and my workplace uses that paper every day. So I will constantly remind myself to do the practice use one side printed waste paper.

I wanted to participate in other challenges as well as this one. I have never used a cup when I brush my teeth, but I will from now on. Also, before I came to Korea. I have never used public transportation. So, when I go back home I will use public transportation. Another thing is that I will take the stairs instead of going on an escalator in public. , such as turning off the faucet when I’m washing my hands or unplugging my electronics.

I support the ASEZ WAO very much and I’m glad to realize the GREEN WORK PLACE and know the steps they’re taking to help our environment. I’m very grateful to gain information about the numerous ways we can save water, trees, and electricity.

It’s so inspiring to see all the things you’re doing for this world. I hope that many will be just as inspired to take part in helping our environment and will realize all the ways we can make a positive impact.