A ting-a-ling bike campaign

August 1, 2023
대한민국 대구광역시

A total of 5,618 people participated in the “Energy and Donation Riding” campaign to reduce carbon emissions and donate while riding a bike. During the month of the campaign, the total cumulative mileage of participants commuting to and from work by bike was 219,82km.

Participants who actively participate are given various benefits. The Korea Energy Agency will award the “Most Participation Award” to 10 members who have recorded the most commuting times, and the “Lucky Award” to 40 people who have participated more than 30 times, and present department store gift certificates worth 20,000 won to 100,000 won.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government will push for Campaign Season 2 (August 21 to October 22) in the second half of this year. Unlike Season 1, which only targeted the use of designated bike, in Season 2, individual bicycle users can also participate in the campaign. After the campaign is over, donations (1 won per kilometer) will be raised for the total mileage of the participants and used to support the energy vulnerable.

Since activation of bicycles leads to energy and carbon reduction, I hope that bicycles will become as a key means of transportation through this campaign.