We need to take actions for our words to be trusted.


For Us
For Earth

ASEZ WAO enables the balanced
development of humans and the earth,
and our actions empower our voices.

For Us

ASEZ WAO activities for sustainable development of humans.

Take Action FOR US

  • Take Action 1Education
    Education on basic knowledge, Hygiene education, Human rights education, Education against racial discrimination, etc.
  • Take Action 2Wellbeing
    Visit to welfare facility, Healing concert, Goods donation, Heartfelt lunch box delivery, Wall painting, etc.
  • Take Action 3Emergency Relief
    Blood donation, Recovery efforts, Free meal service, etc.
  • Take Action 4Cultural Exchange
    Korean alphabet, food, Taekwondo, Traditional games, etc.
MalaysiaKorean culture experience and school stationery donation

For Earth

ASEZ WAO activities for sustainable development of the earth.

Take Action FOR EARTH

  • Take Action 5Climate Change Responses
    Green Workplace, Energy conservation, Tree planting, Forest protection, etc.
  • Take Action 6Reduce Plastic Use
    Good-bye plastic, plastic exhibition, signing petitions, recycling, up-cycling, etc.
  • Take Action 7Terrestrial Ecosystem Protection
    Street cleanup, Forest cleanup, park cleanup, etc. for protecting terrestrial ecosystem.
  • Take Action 8Marine Ecosystem Protection
    Beach cleanup, stream cleanup, river cleanup, etc. for protecting marine ecosystem.
GermanyCleanup at a park
SingaporeEnvironmental Cleanups
U.S.Painting park fences

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