ASEZ WAO Support Signature
for the Implementation of
Take Action Project

The World Mission Society Church of God Young Adult Worker Volunteer Group [ASEZ WAO] will work for sustainable development, satisfying the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. For balanced development of the present and future and of humans and the earth, ASEZ WAO proposes to implement the Take Action Project [TAP].

STEP 1. “Talk”
When we talk with each other, we become likeminded. And when we become likeminded, a great work is done. We talk of what we see, hear, and know, with our voices for the balanced development of humans and the earth.
Awareness Raising: campaigns, seminars, forums
STEP 2. “Act”
Action is more important than realization. Our actions will empower our voices, and enable the balanced development of humankind and the earth.
Take Action FOR US: Education, Wellbeing, Emergency Relief, Cultural Exchange
Take Action FOR EARTH: Climate Change Response, Reduce Plastic Use, Protection of Terrestrial Ecosystem and Marine Ecosystem
STEP 3. “Partnership”
We are the cause of the problems we encounter, but we are also the solution. If you go alone, you can go quickly, but if you go together, you can go far.
Partnership: Support Signature Campaign, Meetings, Memorandums of Understanding [MOUs]
Goal: "Change"
We consists of You and I. If I change, We change.
Change: Companies, Cities, Countries, World


I agree with the proposal above and
support ASEZ WAO’s Take Action Project.