Young adults from all around the world,
who are the protagonists of the future generations, speak for the earth.


When our voices gather,
the world will become more beautiful than ever.

# 1


The door to a bright future opens wherever our campaign is held.

  • Panel campaigns in the areas with a large floating population
    SDGs promotion panel, Reduce plastic use panel, Climate change response panel.
  • PPT Campaign at Workplace
    UN SDGs PR PPT, reduce plastic use PPT, climate change response PPT
  • Daily life campaign with taking evidence photos
    "Take stairs instead of the elevator" campaign, "Use a mug cup" campaign, "Switch off your monitor" campaign, "Ride a bicycle" campaign, "Not using disposables" campaign, “Good-bye plastic” campaign, recycling campaign, up-cycling campaign.
  • Others
    Racial discrimination, Democracy, Poverty, Education, etc.
# 2


We share information, detect problems, and find solutions.

  • ASEZ WAO Seminars
    Seminar by action,
    ASEZ WAO seminar for people and the earth to co-exist,
    ASEZ WAO seminar with government offices.
# 3


Not only an individual or a country, but everyone in the world should make efforts in order to achieve the happiness and harmony of humankind.

  • ASEZ WAO Forums
    Forums by country,
    Global forums.

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