July 11, 2019

ASEZ WAO Promotes a Balanced Development for Humanity and Earth

From the starting point of the Industrial Revolution, all humankind accomplished an outstanding development. Nevertheless, this caused unintended several side effects such as social inequality, resource depletion, environmental pollution and etc. To solve this kind of international social issue, the UN selected the SDGs, which are the Sustainable Development Goals.

The members of the ASEZ WAO World Mission Society Church of God Young Adult Worker Volunteer Group have increased the understanding of the SDGs and to encourage citizens to participate, they have run the SDGs promotional campaign and various volunteer works.

Worker Bae Soyi (age 23, from Jangan-dong) showed her will of participation saying, “I’ve never seen young adults cleaning up the streets near my workplace and now I want to participate.” Park Doyoon(age 22, from Hwigyeong-dong), who was in charge of guiding the panel display said, “I felt good seeing many citizens becoming interested and showing good reactions after seeing the SDGs intro panels.”

The ASEZ WAO’s volunteer works in and out of Korea has touched the government officials of each country and received a letter of appreciation from the minister of Maharashtra, India, award certificates from mayor of Kilacura, Chile, mayor of Pilar in Buenos Aires, Argentina, mayor of Torrance, California, U.S., a letter of appreciation from the Christchurch, New Zealand city council and etc.

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