January 21, 2020

Commissioner of Police, Central District, Delhi, ROHIT MEENA

Certificate of Appreciation

On behalf of Central District, I take this opportunity to convey my appreciation to you and your organisation for the cleanliness drive conducted outside L.N.J.P Hospital, Jawaharlal Nehru Marg. New Delhi on 15th January 2020. The efforts put in by your member and volunteers in cleaning the area and spreading awareness, in people in the vicinity about the importance of cleanliness and adverse effects of using plastic is appreciable. Convey my appreciation to all the members of your organisation. I once again congratulate your organisation and hope that you will continue to work with thc same zeal, enthusiasm and commitment in future which will help spreading awareness in society at large.

2020-01-21 Commissioner of Police, Central District, Delhi ROHIT MEENA