August 11, 2019

City Mayor, Vasai Virar City Municipal Corportation, RUPESH SUDAM JADHAV

Certificate of Appreciation

Outstanding contribution towards the 5968th Worldwide Cleanup campaign,
which is a cleanup campaign aiming to take the lead in protecting
the environment by launching campus cleanup campaigns at the
levels of city, region, and the entire Earth in the end.

Through this environmental cleanup activity of Syama Parsad Mukherjee Marg,
Evershine City, Virar – Vasai, they have raised the awareness of environmental
clean-up to the local citizens and their activity deserves to be praised.
Their beautiful activity of sharing love in accordance with the teachings of
God the Mother has been an excellent example of our society.

Therefore, I highly appreciate and present this Appreciation to ASEZ WAO.

2019-08-11 City Mayor, Vasai Virar City Municipal Corportation RUPESH SUDAM JADHAV